The Crystal of the Day for Saturday 21 September 2013


The Crystal of the Day for Saturday 21 September 2013 is Rhodochrosite. Pink Rhodochrosite is a strong stone to aid emotional healing. It encourages you to feel love for yourself and its energy will assist you in meditation, to reach a state of joy and sublime happiness. Its energy may stimulate your inner child and bring a deep childlike happiness and joy into your life. It aids you to bring deep forgotten memories to the surface for healing.

Rhodochrosite is a powerful heart chakra stone and like most heart chakra stones vibrates with the energy of love. This interesting looking stone has a strong heart based energy and is an excellent stone to support and heal the emotions. In this pink crystal, the love energy is directed towards your own self. It is a particularly active stone energetically, to heal you, if you don’t have a good opinion of yourself.

It also enhances your courage to look at those things that you have been unable to face previously so that you can make changes in your life. It helps to harmonise the male and female elements so if there are too many of either female or male aspects, this energy will help to create a harmonious and balanced personality.

For women who have suffered from sexual abuse it is a strong stone to heal you. It encourages you to forgive yourself, and to allow yourself to feel acceptance of your role in what happened to you.

While meditating with this stone you may reach a state of sublime happinessand make contact with the golden light which brings through the intense joy that this enables. By using Pink Rhodochrosite in meditation at the solar plexus, it may help you to clear traumatic inner child emotional problems or even those that originate in a past life.

The vibration of this lovely stone works both within the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra to help you to clear negative emotional energy that have been trapped there by things that happened to you.

This stone could gently bring up painful memories and it will help you to face them, even if they are difficult to believe. Once you have cleared these issues, you may find that your creativity may be enhanced as you allow your potential to blossom.

Colour: Pink
Birthstone: Leo, Scorpio
Zodiac: Virgo (ancient)
Element: Fire, Water
Energies: Love, Power, Healing
Chakra: Heart chakra, Solar Plexus chakra