The Crystal of the Day for Thursday 3 October 2013


The Crystal of the Day for Thursday 3 October 2013 is Castle Crystal aka “Cathedral Crystal”. Like building castles in the air with a solid foundation, Castle Crystals are masters of energies of balancing, uplifting, and relieving depression and anxiety. Psychically they are used for accessing mystical knowledge you are spiritually prepared to receive by traveling to different “rooms” within the castle in meditation. They are also used for astral travel and gaining Akashic wisdom.

One prominent point with parallel points stepping up around all sides, rather like candle drippings. It is usually an opaque crystal formation of one main central point and surrounding parallel ones usually of different widths and lengths, but shorter than the main crystal, all growing on a common base. If clear it is a Lightbrary.

Significant parts of the Akashic Record are manifest in Cathedral Quartz. These rare entities contain the knowledge of the Universe that humans can understand. They are impersonal teaching crystals that can be accessed by careful study.

These crystals can seem uncommonly inert and lifeless when first encountered. However with familiarity and careful study, they warm and seem to be filled with an eerie inner glow often reported to be a faint violet colour.

If you seek wisdom, enlightenment, and a deep understanding of mankind’s place in the universe, both physical and spiritual, no better meditation crystal exists.

These crystals are for use by dedicated seekers of Universal Truth. They are worth whatever their price, if used conscientiously.