The Crystal of the Day Sunday 22 September 2013


The Crystal of the Day Sunday 22 September 2013 is Eliat Stone. Eilat Stone is a copper-based combination mineral that includes Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite, and Turquoise. It is a mixture of green, blue, turquoise and brown, and is found in Eilat, Israel. It’s one of the stones bearing the title, ‘Sage Stone’ and can help you attain deeper wisdom, insight and creative problem solving. It’s also known as ‘King Solomon Stone’, and is the National stone of Israel where it is found. Eilat Stone will cleanse the environment that it resides in. Its frequency connects to your Heart and Throat Chakras. It helps with emotional issues, especially those resulting from emotional traumas caused by physical violence, rape or incest. It offers protection on an emotional level by helping you to understand emotional boundaries within yourself and others. Eilat Stone’s connection to the Throat Chakra helps to cleanse the throat area allowing you to be able to speak your truth and clearly communicate your thoughts and emotions.

Its strong emotionally based energy may bring tears to your eyes, as it stimulates loving feelings as it is working on adjusting and attuning your emotional system. It is both beautiful to look at and has a quite lovely heart-felt energy as well.

It has strong metaphysical properties that create a calming and balancing reaction, combined with such a loving heart-based spiritual energy, that will help your mind and your emotions to work together to create an amazing improvement in how you look at life.

Wearing Eilat Stone jewelry will help to remove negativity from your environment, and will transmute negativity into positivity. This is an excellent psychic protection stone. It is also powerful to have a piece in your environment to help to cleanse the area of negative energy.

It is known to be an appropriate stone to use as part of sacred marriage ceremonies – marriages where there is a strong heart and soul connection. It is said that if Eilat Stone is carried during marriage ceremonies it will create a special attunement of your energies as the loving energy of the universe is brought into the ceremony.

It is said to aid mental telepathy between soul partners, and it is quite effective at helping to lighten your feelings when you are feeling low.

This lovely stone is a wonderful asset to use in meditation to aid you to attune your chakras. Eilat stone helps to restore the proper flow of energy to these lower chakras and will help to heal health issues in this area, and may encourage better use of your personal power. Its healing action may aid health concerns such as adrenal issues, liver problems and pre-menstrual tension. It may also assist healing of the feet and will help to create better overall good health in the body.

This stone is also helpful to heal issues within the higher chakras including thyroid, sinuses, fevers and bone and tissue healing.

Colour: green, blue, turquoise and brown
Zodiac: Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces, Ophiuchus
Energies: Psychic protection, personal power, love, healing
Chakras: Frontal, Heart, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Throat