Why Almanac and Crystals Posts Have Been Late :)


This is my lovely new grandson, young Master Felix Alexander! He is the son of my baby daughter, Alexis (19) and her fiance, Kris.  Whilst it may have been just as well to skip days and not do them at all, I feel obligated to keep blogs going up, on time as best I can.

Truthfully, I can’t blame ALL of the lateness on dear little Felix.  At my age, all the travel, etc. has been a bit strenuous, but not without its rewards, as is evident by the photo 🙂  And, I recently started using Mozilla Firefox which for the last two days would NOT allow me to post on WordPress! Thankfully, it has begun working for me, hence the late blogs 🙂  I’m truly going to have to do better now!

Felix is Alexis’ first and weighed in at 8 lb 10 oz and 20-1/2″ in length.  He’s going to be a rugby star if Nana has anything to say about it!  My Leicester Tigers couldn’t lose with our Felix!  Of course, Felix is allowed to be what he likes and will be reared with the love and support that will allow him to choose his path wisely (we hope!)

Thank you to all who read my blog for understanding why things aren’t posted on time.  I love you bunches and blessed be to all!


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