Review: Gillotte, Sacred Stones of the Goddess

Per usual, I am always studying crystals and stones whereupon I happened upon this blog, the review of a book which may of interest to those whom wish to learn more, as well. Happy reading & many blessings!

Works of Literata

Gillotte, Galen. Sacred Stones of the Goddess: using earth energies for magical living. Llewellyn, 2003. Paperback, 276 pages.

This book continues the enjoyable trend I’ve had lately of being able to recommend some of the books I review. For someone who wants to do magical work with stones or crystals, I would definitely recommend this book plus a reference guide. Then again, that may be because this isn’t actually a book about stones and crystals. This is a book about magic, and how to do it on oneself. The back cover description is pretty accurate, too. Part of it reads:

Make everyday magic come alive with the beautiful prose and invocations found in Sacred Stones of the Goddess. This one-of-a-kind guidebook incorporates crystals and semiprecious stones in talismanic magic, and includes guided meditations and prayers to the Goddess.

(blah blah stone energy blah) In talismanic magic, the stone serves…

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