The Crystal of the Day Sunday 20 October 2013


The Crystal of the Day Sunday 20 October 2013 is Orange Millenium. This wonderful orange gemstone has come up from the depths of the Earth and lain on the high desert floor, waiting for mankind’s need for a balancing agent to help shift your physical body into a more comfortable place to be. As the emotional winds of change buffet us through the Earth changes that are upon us, these little Orange balls wield the power to calm the survival fears that effect the lower 4 Chakras The fears that tend to keep us off balance and feeling alone, vulnerable to attack, loss, powerlessness. The root causes of the victim consciousness that seems to permeate the World today, and that creates a self fulfilling prophecy of doom; Letting one face there greatest fears, but then not walking through them. Carrying Orange Millennium™ on your person can greatly help both seeing and feeling that these fears are just that fears, enabling you to feel a sense of calm in the storm. Helping the body to not react to the reptilian brains fight or flight syndrome, by lessening the bodies need to produce chemical stimulants that create “SUPER STRESS” that rob your energy and create a lethargic feeling along with sleeplessness, bizarre dreams, odd and disturbing visions of a future that holds NO future. Constipation of both the digestive tract and the emotions are greatly helped with Orange Millennium™, relief is brought by the knowingness that you are a child of the Earth and are connected to Her core; you are here to witness the Earth changes and be changed by them, that you are safe going through these changes if you let it be safe. With the help of Orange Millennium™ you are able to let the body unwind, the bodies mind drop its shield and feel a deep sense of belonging to this Earth helping Her in Her time of need. For She has a need for those that would project good well and well being. One drop of light in a dark room will change the way all in the room perceive it, creating the beginnings of soothing life giving energy. Orange Millennium™, like it’s forerunner Green Millennium™, works with creation of Transforming Non Cohesive Energy flow into Cohesive Energy Flow within the Body ; but does so by accessing the bodies mind to release the hidden fears stored there in both the Solar plexus and the Root Chakras It will help ones sexuality and fulfillment in many Root chakras areas, lessening the feeling of neediness and lack. Copyright © 2002 Laurence R. Hargrave. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.

Orange Millennium is natural Carnelian nodules so they also have the energy of Carnelian.

**couldn’t have said it better myself, entirely copy & paste, this 🙂


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