Almanac For Sunday 20 October 2013 (Sun)

Sunday 20 October 2013 (Sun)

Moon Phase – waning – 95% – Moon in Taurus

Lunar Day 17

A good day for marriage, the birth of children, family holidays and household chores. It favours all occupations connected to homes, households and land. The use of alcohol, medicines or drugs on this day should be strictly limited. Only Albert the Great describes this day as particularly negative.


This day makes a good foundation for new and important beginnings. A child born on this day will be happy and prosperous. However, if this day falls on Saturday, it might prove to be dangerous.

The one who falls ill on this day has bad prospects as the illness might prove to be incurable. Do not take any medicines on this day, as well as alcoholic drinks. Avoid using drugs as consequences can be very negative. Dreams are fulfilled, most often on the third day.


Symbol – the bell. The day of acquiring inner freedom, accumulation, fertility, joy of being, finding the ideal love. Good for getting married (the marriage will be based on love), conjugal relationship, joy, relaxation, sublimation of sexual energy. This day is connected with transformation of feminine energy. It is recommended to have some cold dry wine, or warm Cahors wine – the symbol of cognition of eternity and ecstasy. However, one should not booze and run amok.

Moon Void-of-Course: Begins at 22:01BST Ends at 17:13 on Monday 21 October 2013
*US and Canada (with exception to New Brunswick, which will subtract 4 hours from the times given above) please subtract 5 hours from above times on east coast and successive time zones will subtract an extra hour(+5) according to time zone you’re in

Sunrise: 07:33 BST; Sunset: 17:57 BST

U.S. and Canada:
Sunrise: 07:29 DST; Sunset: 18:50 DST (add one hour for New Brunswick, Canada) – these are East coast times. Please look in your daily newspaper or online for the times where you are located in the US and Canada. It would be quite impossible to fit them all here, sorry

The planetary hours will begin with Sun for the first hour, 2. Venus, 3. Mercury, 4. Moon, 5. Saturn, 6. Venus, 7. Mars, 8. Sun, 9. Venus, 10. Mercury, 11. Moon, 12. Saturn

In order to figure the planetary hours exactly, figure out the total hours between Sunrise and Sunset (in your time zone), then convert into minutes. Divide by 12 and this will be the exact planetary hour time for each. Remember to accurately figure the sunrise and sunset for your time zone first.


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