To Those I Follow On Twitter Please Read

You have noticed I am not around much these days..I’m preparing to go to stay with my daughter who is having her first child this Samhain! I think he will be a Halloween baby, still, his due date is actually 5 November – Guy Fawkes Day, yay!  What I’m actually saying is that I won’t be able to #FollowFriday each one of you any longer…it is not conducive to nappy changing or just holding the wee bairn.  

I have set up a group on #Twitter named The Covenstead  I have added 16 people (only one of whom have subscribed as of yet) and will be adding several more.  If you still want an #FF each week, you can subscribe to the group and I’ll also check the Mentions/Interactions to those of you whom are so lovely about retweeting and just tweeting to me, so don’t worry, you’ll still get an #FF and thanks for RTs.  

I really hate having to do it this way, however, I am going to be less available for the unforeseeable, still, I want to have contact with my bezzies 🙂  All of my Twitterites deserve praise and the old Follow Friday sort of helps do that but I hope you can understand and see that it just can’t keep going for over 500 people, especially whilst I’m away.  I’m really very sorry..

I hope those of you who do read this will subscribe and that way we can keep “in touch” a bit better 🙂  I really do love everyone of you, you know 🙂  Blessed be 🙂


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