Crystal of the Day for Monday 16 September 2013


Crystal of the Day for Monday 16 September 2013 is Ajoite. Ajoite is known in the metaphysical world as a stone of peace and harmony. It is said to help release and overcome sorrow, anger, fear, and heal old emotional wounds. Ajoite is also said to help connect to the Higher Self and God/Universe/Goddess/All That Is, and be excellent for meditation. Ajoite is noted in metaphysics to be able to remove and release negative energies from the physical, emotional, and etheric bodies. It is said to act as a stone of transformation, bringing change and growth. Ajoite is related to and excellent for work with the throat and heart chakras. Ajoite is a great stone for spiritual healers and spiritual seekers, and is said to be a very powerful healing booster. Ajoite is usually related to the throat and heart chakras.

It is a strengthener, healer and harmoniser of the emotional body. It has very sweet vibrations not only to soothe us; they also draw out the poison of one’s subconsciously held sorrows, fears, rage and old woundings. Meditation with Ajoite can bring both tears and laughter as feelings arise in what is often a deep yet gentle release of inner tensions. It can awaken feelings of forgiveness and compassion – for oneself as well as others which is key in the healing process on all levels.

Ajoite can be used for preservation and rejuvenation on all levels and can facilitate the polarisation of the bodies and the alignment with the optimum self to stimulate total well being. Ajoite may also provide the proper reception frequency for the cellular structure of the body allowing for transmission of the message of perfection from the ethereal body. It is both a master healer and a medium for access to higher worlds.

Colour: white quartz with green (caused by copper silicate mineral)
Zodiac: Virgo
Energies: Healing
Element: none noted
Chakra: Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra



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