The Crystal of the Day for Saturday 7 September 2013


The Crystal of the Day for Saturday 7 September 2013 is Arfvedsonite. Arfvedsonite has many powerful attributes, and it is a stone that has the potential to produce amazing manifestation. It is a strong stone for spiritual growth, creating a clear path ahead.

It helps you to re-organize and restructure your life bringing extraordinary insights and a strong positive vibration. Arfvedsonite stone aids you to remove old patterns so it helps you to deal with adapting to new situations. It is specifically useful to allow you as see any negativity within yourself… and it has a positive vibration. This helps to drain out negative thoughts and will aid you to begin to think in new way, as it stimulates positive thought.

If you use it in meditation, it will help you to experience psychic visions that may assist you to predict the future. Arfvedsonite is a powerful aid to psychic vision and intuition. Used during meditation, place it on the third eye for clear insight to your best spiritual path forward.

This is a strong stone to assist psychic visions, that will predict the future. It is said that these visions are specific to what will happen in the near future. If you place a piece of this stone on the third eye during meditation its action is swift and very powerful. The action of this crystal will enhance your ability to develop your intuition and it may also aid you in learning to be psychic.

Colour: Black with shimmer
Energies: Personal power, spiritual growth, protection
Chakra: Crown, Throat & Third Eye Chakras


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