Saturday 31 August 2013 (Saturn)

Saturday 31 August 2013 (Saturn)

Moon Phase – waning – 16% Visibility – Moon in Cancer

Lunar Day 25

Different traditions contradict each other about this day. Albert the Great considers it to be unfortunate, whilst Vronsky and Veda see it as auspicious for trips and travelling, trade and buying. Veda recommends that important affairs should be started on this day, but Globa believes everyone should be passive and contemplative.


The day is good and beneficial for any kind of trips and travels, including those for business, as well as for moving house. It is also good for buying and selling, for litigation, but also for sleep and rest.

A child of this day will be a favourite of his own Fortune, good luck will follow him throughout the whole life. The one who falls ill on this day can die without a help from someone else.


Symbol – vessels with live and dead water. A passive, contemplative day. It gives solitude and concentration on spiritual problems. One should cleanse their body from debris, listen to their inner voice. One could undertake a medical fasting. Hastiness is counterindicated. Clearhearing is a sign of slavish dependence on someone.

Moon Void-of-Course: No Void of Course Moon today

Sunrise: 06:11 BST; Sunset: 19:49 BST
U.S. and Canada:
Sunrise: 7:01 DST; Sunset: 19:48 DST (add one hour for New Brunswick, Canada) – these are East coast times. Please look in your daily newspaper or online for the times where you are located in the US and Canada. It would be quite impossible to fit them all here, sorry

The planetary hours will begin with Saturn for the first hour, 2. Jupiter, 3. Mars, 4. Sun, 5. Venus, 6. Mercury, 7. Moon, 8. Saturn, 9. Jupiter, 10. Mars, 11. Sun, 12. Venus

In order to figure the planetary hours exactly, figure out the total hours between Sunrise and Sunset (in your time zone), then convert into minutes. Divide by 12 and this will be the exact planetary hour time for each. Remember to accurately figure the sunrise and sunset for your time zone first.



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