The Crystal of the Day for Thursday 29 August 2013


The Crystal of the Day for Thursday 29 August 2013 is Cat’s Eye. The Cat’s Eye gemstone is found in honey, yellow-green, and black, however there are many other shades to the stone. Black Cat’s Eye is also worn to nullify the effects of Ketu, as it belongs to the planet Ketu. The stone enhances support, stability, courage, will power, and wisdom. It brings enlightenment toward the path to liberation. Cat’s Eye is also know for its power to attract sudden wealth.

Cat’s Eye guards its wearer against accidents, evil. It also saves one from physical weaknesses, evil spirits and mental imbalances. It helps people to be in harmony with others and accept their own self. It will stablise emotions, enhance ones senses and improves the ability to deal with challenging situations.

With all this said, it is not recommended to wear a Cat’s Eye pendant as it offers no benefit to the wearer. A Cat’s Eye bracelet or ring brings best results. It even comes with its days for wearing: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and the best time to wear it is 2 hours after sunset. A few more facts before we all run out to buy one: If the Cat’s Eye is not brilliant and shiney but dull, it is injurious for physical health and personal wealth of owner. If there is a crack within the gemstone, it brings injuries from sharp-edged weapons. If there is a “cobweb” inside the gemstone, it will bring imprisonment and harmful to wearer. Having 5 streaks or bands of light it brings misfortune. If it has holes or dents, it will bring diseases of the stomach. Uneven in shape, unlucky. Apart from all that, if you get a near-perfect on that shines like Cat Eyes in a dark place, then it is a lucky gem indeed!



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