Almanac For Monday 26 August 2013 (Moon)

Monday 26 August 2013 (Moon)

Moon – waning – 61% visible. Moon is in Taurus

Lunar Day 21

An active and lucky day. Good for making moves, trips and travelling in general. It is also beneficial for friendships, entertainment and holidays. It favours sports, physical exercise and outdoor activities. In addition, it is not a bad day for business undertakings, trade and gambling. Anything lost on this day will soon be found again.

Lunar Day 21


This day is beneficial for any kind of trips and travels, as well as for moving house, but only by land. It is also good for buying and selling, for risky business activities, for trade and for storing supplies of food. This is a day for entertainment in a company with other people.

A child born on this day will be distinguished with industriousness and efficiency, patience and discreetness. A person who fell ill on this day can be in a great danger. For thieves and other criminals this day is unsuccessful and unhappy: they will be soon caught and sentenced. Dreams are usually invalid.


Symbol – the horse. An active, creative day. Bravery, fearlessness, voluntary sacrifice, rejection of possessions. Group endeavours are useful, everything that brings people together, one can give an oath of loyalty. One should be honest and fair. It is good to start a journey, to change job, to take water treatments, to do physical exercises, to be in the open air. One should not blindly rush to a goal.

Moon Void-of-Course: No Moon Void of Course Today
*US and Canada (with exception to New Brunswick, which will subtract 4 hours from the times given above) please subtract 5 hours from above times on east coast and successive time zones will subtract an extra hour(+5) according to time zone you’re in

Sunrise: 06:04BST; Sunset: 20:00 BST

U.S. and Canada:
Sunrise: 6:59 DST; Sunset: 19:54 DST (add one hour for New Brunswick, Canada) – these are East coast times. Please look in your daily newspaper or online for the times where you are located in the US and Canada. It would be quite impossible to fit them all here, sorry

The planetary hours will begin with Moon for the first hour, 2. Saturn, 3. Jupiter, 4. Mars, 5. Sun, 6. Venus, 7. Mercury, 8. Moon, 9. Saturn, 10. Jupiter, 11. Mars, 12. Sun

In order to figure the planetary hours exactly, figure out the total hours between Sunrise and Sunset (in your time zone), then convert into minutes. Divide by 12 and this will be the exact planetary hour time for each. Remember to accurately figure the sunrise and sunset for your time zone first.



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