Crystal of the Day Sunday 18 August 2013


The Crystal of the Day Sunday 18 August 2013 is Tangerine Quartz. Tangerine Quartz Points exhibit an energy that creates an understanding of the events that effect us in our lives. Tangerine Quartz supports balance in the Sacral Chakra and helps to “Put the Past in the Past”. Tangerine Quartz is useful for calming after a physical or energetic trauma. Tangerine Quartz can help one to heal from a psychic attack, and fosters a sense of compassion towards an “attacker” by allowing an understanding of the motives of the “attacker,” rather than assigning blame. Carrying Tangerine Quartz can help you get past the apparent “chaos” of the world, allowing you to recognise instead the underlying order inherent in the universe. This in turn, can raise your vibration to a more positive one, and make your interactions with others more enjoyable and productive.

You can also use Tangerine Quartz Points to help you put the Law of Attraction into practise, with the knowledge that universal order can sometimes take longer than we expect to make itself known.

Colour: transparent Orange
Energies: Power, Healing, Love
Zodiac: Leo, Libra
Chakras: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra



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