Almanac For Friday 16 August 2013 (Venus)

Friday 16 August 2013 (Venus)

Moon Phase – waxing – 81% visible – Moon in Sagittarius

Lunar Day 11

This day gives you an abundance of energy and favours moves and changes. It helps to get off the ground a business which was previously derailed. Make sure you put your excess energy into something useful, however, to avoid conflicts and bust-ups.


This is the day of victory an immortality. The one who will die on this day will long live in the memory of his nation or even the whole humanity. This day is good for setting off for a long journey. The child born on this day will have good intellectual abilities and he will live until an old age. Illnesses can be dangerous for females. For males they will be insignificant.


Symbol – a fiery sword. The most energetically powerful day. One needs to be very cautious and attentive and attentive in pursuing any kind of activity. One can pray, undertake a cleansing but after a thorough preparation.

It is better not to overload oneself and not to engage in anything serious when you don’t know something or when you are not cleansed. Anything started should be carried to the end.

One should not take cutting tools, even to cut the bread, should not contact insects or kill them. Sign of danger – falling knives and forks.

Moon Void-of-Course: Ends at 18:31 BST
*US and Canada (with exception to New Brunswick, which will subtract 4 hours from the times given above) please subtract 5 hours
from above times on east coast and successive time zones will subtract an extra hour(+5) according to time zone you’re in

Sunrise: 05:48 BST; Sunset: 20:21 BST
U.S. and Canada:
Sunrise: 06:53 DST; Sunset: 20:04 DST (add one hour for New Brunswick, Canada) – these are East coast times. Please look in your daily newspaper or online for the times where you are located in the US and Canada. It would be quite impossible to fit them all here, sorry

The planetary hours will begin with Venus for the first hour, 2. Mercury, 3. Moon, 4. Saturn, 5. Jupiter, 6. Mars, 7. Sun, 8. Venus, 9. Mercury, 10. Moon, 11. Saturn, 12. Jupiter

In order to figure the planetary hours exactly, figure out the total hours between Sunrise and Sunset (in your time zone), then convert into minutes. Divide by 12 and this will be the exact planetary hour time for each. Remember to accurately figure the sunrise and sunset for your time zone first.



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