Almanac Entry ~ Sunday 11 August 2013

Sunday 11 August 2013 (Sun)

Moon – waxing – 27% Visible – Moon in Libra

Lunar Day 6

Without doubt, an auspicious day. It is good for intellectual activities, study, spiritual pursuits and also for searching for lost people, animals and things. It favours recovery and the restoration of health. The Vedic tradition especially recommends this day for building and anything connected with property.


The day of happiness and passions. Very good and successful for science and research, for any kind of intellectual and spiritual activities, for a search for lost people, animals or things. A child born on this day will live until old age. The one who will fall ill will be none the worse for it. Quite an unsuccessful day for thieves and other criminals. It is better not to tell anyone about your dreams.


The symbol is a crane. This day is related to assimilation of cosmic energy, finding the Grace, love, forgiveness, prophesies, mental and verbal work. Good for rejuvenation. Clear or completely covered with clouds sky – a sign of absence of harmony in the world. Good signs: clouds in the sky, melodious chime.

Moon Void-of-Course: None

Sunrise: 05:40 BST; Sunset: 20:30 BST
U.S. and Canada:
Sunrise: 6:50 DST; Sunset: 20:09 DST (add one hour for New Brunswick, Canada) – these are East coast times. Please look in your daily newspaper or online for the times where you are located in the US and Canada. It would be quite impossible to fit them all here, sorry 

The planetary hours will begin with Sun for the first hour, 2. Venus, 3. Mercury, 4. Moon, 5. Saturn, 6. Venus, 7. Mars, 8. Sun, 9. Venus, 10. Mercury, 11. Moon, 12. Saturn

In order to figure the planetary hours exactly, figure out the total hours between Sunrise and Sunset (in your time zone), then convert into minutes. Divide by 12 and this will be the exact planetary hour time for each. Remember to accurately figure the sunrise and sunset for your time zone first.


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